Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Global Europe

Those interested in my reflections on the state of Europe in this period of accelerating globalisation can read the speech I gave to a reception at Kreab in London recently.

It's taken some time to get it all down on paper, but since there was a big demand for the text I guess it was worth doing.

There is no doubt that we have been slipping behind in certain respects during the last decade. But we have every reason to point out that our overall achievements during that period have been remarkable in a number of truly important ways.

And even if you look at economic figures, the European share of global exports is holding up well in a situation where Asia increases and the United States decreases its shares.

But it's in and under the impact of its new East that we now see the transformation of the European economy. That's so far a rather underreported story.

The speech is available at my webpage.

As Christmas approaches, a somewhat uplifting message never really hurts.