Friday, December 30, 2005

First On Podcasting

There has to be a first with everything in life, and now it seems as if it is Nicolas Sarkozy in France who is the first senior politician to enter the podcasting world.

Well, if we should be correct it isn't really he who has done it, but there mere fact that he is interviewed by a blogger who then is podcasting the entire thing seems to have created a stir at the least in France.

But there is no doubt that he will not be the last.

The new technologies are busy transforming the media landscape, and accordingly they will affect the political landscape as well.

Sweden was long seen as in the forefront of most of these developments, but I'm far less certain that this is still the case. There is a distinct lack of interest in what the new technologies can offer on the political scene at the moment.

We'll see when it changes.

I'll certainly take note when we have the first more senior politician in the Nordic world entering the world of podcasting as well.

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