Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nobel Prize to RAND Scholars

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The economic price in the honour of Alfred Nobel has been given to two most distinguished scholars, of which Thomas Schelling is the most famous, closely associated with the RAND Corporation.

I have to note this, since I'm on the Board of Trustees - as a matter of fact the so far only non-American - of RAND, and thus take a certain amount of pride in this excellent institution.

Thomas Schelling has been part of the RAND community - committeed to excellence in the application of science to different policy issues, not only in the realm of strategic issues - throughout most of his professional career.

Indeed, he was there when we recently inauguarated our new headquarters building in Santa Monica, along with numerous other well-known names from the history of strategic thought and the RAND Corporation.

Another recognition of the excellence that RAND attracts.