Saturday, July 30, 2005

K2 versus Human Rights in Uzbekistan

U.S. Evicted From Air Base In Uzbekistan

The US has been facing a serious dilemma in its relations with Uzbekistan after the massacres in May in the city of Andijan.

While State Departement has been clear in its condemnation of what happened, and has called for an international investigation, the Pentagon has been equally clear in wanting to keep its critical so called K2 air base which is the main hub for both US and international operations in Afghanistan.

It's been a true dilemma - and interesting to watch how the controversies around it have unfolded.

But now the dilemma has evidently been resolved by President Kamirov, who has asked the US to leace K2 within 180 days. He wants to be free to terrorize his own people in order to be able to stay in power.

We'll see what happens. 180 days is a long time. But it must be slightly embarrasing for Washington that it was Kamirov rather than them that said that the base there is hardly possible to combine with a firm stance for human rights.