Saturday, July 23, 2005

Germany Decides

K�hler Gives Go Ahead for Early Elections | Current Affairs | Deutsche Welle |

German President Horst Köhler has now decided to dissolve the Bundestag in order to pave the way for federal elections September 18. It will in all probability be the most important election in Europe this year.

There are still some clouds. The Presidents decision is likely to be taken to the Constitutional Court, and in theory they could take another line, although it seems extremely unlikely.

So, it's virtually certain that there will be elections September 18, equally certain that this will see the end of the red-green government in Berlin, and highly likely that the name of the Chancellor of Germany in October will be Angela Merkel.

But elections are elections, with all the uncertainties associated with that. At this time prior to the September 2002 elections the opposition was clearly in the lead in the opinion polls, but then different events intervened.

Democracy is a constant drama, and now we'll see it played out in Germany. More to come.