Sunday, February 06, 2005

Israel, the Wall and the West Bank

WallProj_eng250204.pdf (application/pdf Object)

A comment on my commentary on how Ariel Sharon of Israel and Abu Mazen of Palestine faces a very similar task of confronting religious fundamentalism in their respective societies takes issue with me on a couple of points.

One of them concerns whether there really have been or are any expansionist Israeli plans for the West Bank. Apart from the fact that my comment was on those wanting to expand into Judea and Samaria to create an Israel within biblical boundaries - and they certainly exist - I think it is worth noting what Israel is doing in terms of the huge separation wall it is now building.

This map shows what it is all about. Only along 10 % is the wall separating Israel from Palestine - for 90 % it will be separating Palestinian from Palestinian. Hundreds of thousands of people will be locked into enclaves or separated from what they consider their omeland.

Some might not like the word expansion for it. Others might find it difficult to find a word more appropriate.