Friday, February 04, 2005

Higher and Higher Taxes...

It might sound bizarre, but the Swedish government is planning to raise the total tax burden on the economy even further.

Not only are we already the world leaders in taxes - we are have also increased our lead over neighbours and competitors.

Since 1995, Sweden has increased the tax burden from 50,2 to 51,4 of GNP. During the same time, Denmark has been fairly stable from 50,1 to 49,8, while succesful Finland has decreased the tax burden from 46,7 to 45,1%.

It's not a question of needing more money in order to provide high-quality public services - it's a question of a complete inability to contol run-away costs in different benefit and subsidy schemes linked to old-fashioned social democratic policies.

Both entrepreunership and high-quality public services risks being crowded out by these policies - if they are allowed to continue after the September 2006 elections. / World / Europe - Sweden considering increases in tax