Monday, August 07, 2006

Lebanon Anger

It seems as if some of the critical questions I highlighted here today have caused a delay in the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution on the Israel-Lebanon war.

The government of Lebanon and its Prime Minister Siniora have been critical in the extreme of the draft.

They had worked hard to produce a peace plan which, in their opinion, meet all the key concerns, including the disarming of Hezbollh, only to see it ignored by the international community.

And they were given support by a special meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Beirut earlier today.

An editorial in Beirut's English-language newspaper The Daily Star spells out what they consider the faults of the draft resolution:

"The aim of the Lebanese government is to reach a point of closure in the decades-long Lebanese-Israeli conflict and to create the required conditions for a lasting armistice. Siniora's plan ties up all loose ends, including the issues of the Shebaa Farms, Israeli incursions, and Hizbullah's weapons."

"But the UN's draft resolution leaves these issues open and sanctions new conditions that will prolong conflict. Instead of closing the door on the current war and on future conflicts, the resolution will open a pandora's box."

Under these conditions, it seems likely that there will be a further delay in New York while the possibility of further changes in the draft resolution are discussed.

This happens at the same time as there seems to be more active considerations in Israel of launching the three mobilized reserve divisions in a more major offensive into southern Lebanon.

It's all look very, very tense.

And very,very uncertain.