Friday, August 04, 2006

Washington Betrayed?

Slowly, Washington seems to be losing faith in Israeli PM Olmert and his conduct of the war.

It was expected that he could have the Israeli Air Force delivering a quick victory over Hezbollah, and that should be seen as an important defeat also for Iran.

It wasn't only that Washington backed what Israel was doing - there was in all probability an element even of encouragment.

But three weeks into the war things look very different.

The rockets are continuing to rain down on northern Israel - and the images of civilian victims of Israeli bombs in Lebanon increasingly agitates the Muslim world.

And on the diplomatic front is seems as if it will be the French that will be dictating the terms in the UN Security Council.

Not really what Washington expected Israel to deliver.

An OpEd by Charles Krauthammer in Washington Post today is undoubtedly of significance in this regard.

He's a standardbearer on the more neoconservative thinkers in Washington. For harsh words of criticism against Israel to come from him there really have to be serious reasons. And many are likely to follow his lead on these issues.

He feels betrayed by Israel.

They promised a quick victory. And they seem to be delivering a profound mess.

The cost in Washington - if this is perceived to be the outcome - will be very considerable indeed.