Saturday, February 11, 2006

Oil for Food Scandal 2

There has been an enormous amount of attention given to the so called Oil for Food scandal in the United Nations. It's been a true Mecca for the UN-bashers not the least in the American debate.

The substance of that scandal has yet to be fully clarified. An enormous investigation ended with the possibility of one UN official enriching himself. But it seems as if prosecutors have not yet been able to carry the case forward.

A part of the money administred by the UN under this program was handed over to the coalition authorities after the Iraq war.

Now, a TV documentary in the US seems to be documenting massive fraud and huge volumes of money just disappeared in the Iraq reconstruction efforts. Although I doubt the amounts could be that large, there is talk of billions of dollars just disappearing.

It seems as if the Oil for Food money handled by the United Nations was better administred and accounted for than the Oil for Food money handled by the United States.

I don't think the UN-bashers will pay notice - but others certainly should.

CBS 13/UPN 31: Sacramento's Source For Breaking News, Weather and Traffic: Billions For Iraq Reconstruction Unaccounted For