Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hectic, Hectic, Hectic...

It's been hectic days in Belgrade yesterday and Brussels today, further complicated by snow creating problems for traffic both at the Vienna and Munch airports - both hubs for Southeastern Europe.

In Belgrade, the political leadership is trying to understand what the international community is really wanting to do with Kosovo and whether there is any room for real negotiations.

Today, things were further complicated by a statement by John Sawers from the Foreign Office in London. To say that his statement was greeted with jubilation among those here in Brussels dealing seriously with the issue would be the most blatant of lies.

Why would either Belgrade or Prishtina negotiate about anything if everything is announced in advance?

There are lots that really needs to be settled. Whether the status of Kosovo will be some form av restricted independence or something that is more than autonomy Serbia and Kosovo must be able to live as neighbours in a region where cooperation and integration is key to the future.

Tomorrow its onwards to Berlin. Hopefully without snow at any airports...

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