Saturday, June 24, 2006

Finland Explains

Well, in a week's time Finland takes over the Presidency of the European Union.

It has already unveiled the symbol it has decided on for its six-month period.

I'm not certain what it represents, but as always there is help to be found on profound matters like this.

And I can't abstain from sharing with you the rather elaborate explanation of the symbolism of the thing offered on the website of the Finnish Presidency:

"The design concept describes growth and development, a new direction forward, and the Finnish way of attending to matters in an open and direct manner. The logo draws inspiration from the lines and colours of the Nordic landscape. It depicts cooperation among the Member States of the European Union and their aspiration to debate and make decisions on matters of common interest."

"The logo suggests the green of a burgeoning forest, the sweep of the horizon and the blue of water shimmering the sun. The contemporary feel to the point on the right-hand side symbolises progressive Finnish thinking and seems to point the way forwards. The transparency of the design conveys openness.

Well, perhaps.

Or, perhaps not.