Friday, January 20, 2006

An Innovative Europe

Although rarely reflected in the main media, there is a new debate across Europe on the necessity of doing more in the fields of research, development and higher education.

The brutal fact is that we are slipping behind in particular the United States.

It's not that our brains are inferior. That's unlikely - particular in view of the fact that some of the most stellar scientific advances in America have been done by men and women coming from Europe.

In the past they were fleeing from war and persecution in Europe. Hopefully those days are gone.

Now they are fleeing to the better resources and rewards in the United States. Before it was an issue of survival - now it's often a question of money.

These issues can and must be addressed by the leaders of Europe.

A report issues today by a high-level group chaired by the former Prime Minister of Finland Esko Aho will hopefully give some fuel to the debate.

It's worth reading.

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