Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Europe's World


An ambitious attempt to stimulate the European as well as global debate on European issues has just seen the light of the day.

It's the first issue of the journal Europe┬┤s World that has just appeared.

I haven't got it in my hand as of yet, but I am a member of the Editorial Board as well as a contributor to the first issue. You can find some of my reflections on the situation in the Balkans there as well as one the website.

We certainly need a journal of this type. There are other prominent European-based journals in international affairs - notably Survival of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London - but none with the European focus of this one.

In that sense, it complements Foreign Affairs in New York - the model that everyone seeks to follow - as well as Russia in Global Affairs in Moscow.

It should be a European voice in the global dialogue between think-thanks and thinkers.

It's certainly needed. Welcome!