Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Force for Freedom

EUbusiness - EU court rules Swedish state monopoly on medicines is illegal

In these days of eurogloom it's nice to see that the institutions of the European Union continue their work in promoting and protecting the free and open economy that is the foundation for the prosperity of the member countries.

Today, the European Court of Justice ruled that Sweden's state monopoly on medical preparations is illegal. This has been a controversial issue for years in Sweden, with the present monopoly-happy government doing whatever it can to preserve the old-fashioned state of affairs.

It has clearly been an arrangement to the detriment of the consumer - with the state instead taking the side of the public monopoly producer.

Now, it's the end. Great! It didn't prevent the responsible minister in the government to state that they will do whatever, in spite of the European Court, to preserve the monopoly.

Good luck! Those that always insist on fighting losing battles normally end up on the wrong side of history.