Friday, May 20, 2005

An Amazing and Beautiful World!

It's a truly amazing time we are living in!

I'm sitting high up in the sky passing one of the most beutiful sights this world of ours has to offer - the Southern tip of Greenland.

It's a cloudy day over the North Atlantic, but around the tip of Greenland the clouds have broken up and you can just enjoy the beauty of the barren cliffs, the frozen heights and the deep penetrating fjords.

It's a scenery with few rivals.

Add to all of this that modern technology has now brought the Internet to long-distance flying. Down there is nothing in terms of modernity. Up here there seems to be just about everything.

The display says that we have three hours and twenty-eight minutes to go until touch-down at Newark airport by New York.

It was down here that the Viking sailor Leif Eriksson on a windy day somewhat more than a thousand years missed Greenland and ended up at an even more far-away and unknown coastline.

Eventually, they followed it down to what they then called Vinland. Columbus was nowhere to be seen.