Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Old Suspicions Remain

Opinion & Analysis
The visit by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to India, as well as the different agreements signed, was undoubtedly of major importance. We should - as I have noted earlier - take note.

But old suspicions don't die that easily. This comment in the main Indian business newspaper - Business Standard - shows that there is a healthy dose of sceptisism over how far the rapprochement can really go.

Both India and China have ambitions to be treated as the major power in the region.

Whether China really supports Indias ambition to get a permanent seat at the UN Security Council is doubtful.

An Indian permanent seat would come as part of a package in which also Japan gets such a seat. Suddenly, there would be three rather than one permanent Asian members of the UNSC, although China would remain as the only one with veto powers.

And recent popular outbursts in China has certainly highlighted the old suspicions against Japan that can still be found - and not only in China.

We certainly see economic and industrial relations in Asia booming - and the potential for Indian-Chinese cooperation here should be substantial - bur we also see how the old suspicions are still remaining.