Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Far Away Country of Which We Know Little...

Meddling Raises Stakes in Moldova

Beneath the headlines of the global media, things are heaing in Moldova prior to the March 6 parliamentary election.

Sliced between coming EU member Romania and reforming Ukraine, but with the break-away Russian-run and criminals-infested enclave of Transdnestr dividing the country, the country is exposed to numereous different forces.

At least since the Ukraine presidential election, politics is changing in the entire post-Soviet area. We see circles in Moscow taking a far more aggressive approach in terms of trying to interfere to prevent political developments from going in a direction they don't like.

In this article you will encounter the name Alksnis as one of those now active on this circuit. For anyone remembering the details of Russian nationalist attempts to undermine the stability of Latvia it's a name that have the alarm bells ringing.