Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Words of Wisdom from Carter

Jimmy Carter has an experience of the Middle East rivaled by very, very few.

He is the man who produced the most significant contribution to Israel's security in modern times in the form of the Camp David accords.

In recent years, I have followed him twice to the area in connection with the different Palestine elections and been profoundly impressed by his knowledge and wisdom.

With an OpEd in Washington Post today he joins those speaking up against both the Israeli and US policies.

And he is right in connection it all to the failure to move forward on the core issue of a peace agreement over the Palestine issue, and that in spite of broad majorities in all communities in favour of such an agreement.

"Traumatized Israelis cling to the false hope that their lives will be made safer by incremental unilateral withdrawals from occupied areas, while Palestinians see their remnant territories reduced to little more than human dumping grounds surrounded by a provocative "security barrier" that embarrasses Israel's friends and that fails to bring safety or stability."

Words of wisdom from a man of knowledge.