Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Mistakes of Past and Present

It would not surprise me if Prime Minister Olmert is in for a rough time after the Lebanon war.

The number of voices raised against his conduct of the entire operation is increasing by the day.

And it's not really only the ones that you would believe.

Increasingly it's a highly professional criticism focusing on the obvious lack of any clear political-military strategy and equally clear lack of understanding of the political realities of warfare.

This is war among people's - and as such subject to very different rules of the game.

But Olmert believed that some quick use of air power would do. And he counted on the White House to give him all the time he needed for that campaign.

But air power could do little decisive but destroy the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon, and even the White House is now starting to feel the strain of a war that looks having no end.

The mistakes made are certainly grounded by mistakes done in the past by all concerned.

This analsys from Ami Isseroff, who is director of MidEastWeb, gives a good account of both the mistakes and the past and the more obvious mistakes in this campaign.

I guess we will hear much more along the lines in the days, weeks, and months ahead.