Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back To Stockholm

After absence more or less continously since late June, I'm now back in Stockholm.

I just landed from Italy after having gone there from Croatia yesterday.

It's a Stockholm which in terms of weather has definitely left the summer months, but which is in the early phases of the campaigns before its September 17th general election.

There will be reason to return to that subjects as the weeks progress.

But for the moment it's the more global agenda that dominates. We are heading towards a very complex couple of weeks and months.

The war in Lebanon is over, but there is certainly not peace, and all over the region passions are running higher than before.

It's in this athmosphere - also influence by the arrest of the terrorist plotters in Britain and Pakistan - that the Iran issue is very rapidly moving up on the international agenda.

There is profound drama and danger ahead.

There is every reason to fast the seat belts.