Thursday, May 25, 2006

Intermediate Wisdom on Iran

Years back, Commentary was one of the US magazines that I found most interesting and stimulating.

But that was then. Now it is often so fanatical in its mistrust against anything that has to do with the Muslim world that it becomes nearly unbearable.

So it was not without interest that I started to read the main article in the latest issue arguing that it might not be too wise to bomb Iran. At least not immediately.

Normally, many of the contributors to Commentary would be in favour of the immediate bombing of many places - and most certainly of Iran.

But Edward Luttwak argues along different lines.

It's not that he rules out the use of military power if nothing else works. But he argues that we have got time, and that we need to look at the fundamental forces shaping Iranian society today.

I would recommend his piece to anyone seriously interested in the issue.

Edward Luttwak can certainly often be described as a hardliner in the US debate. He wouldn't object to the description. But he is also a learned and thoughtful person.

Well worth reading.