Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Great Firewall of China Under Debate


Suddenly the debate about the so called Great Firewall of China is starting to gather significant momentum.

It's the dilemma faced by the Yahoo's, Microsoft's, Cisco's, Skype's and Google's of this world as they try to enter the Chinese market and are confronted with the stiff demands of its authorities that have triggered the debate.

By far worst to handle the situation has been Yahoo. They handed over the identity of a dissident who had been using their email system to the Chinese authorities. Awful.

But today the entire issue will be the subject of an open hearing in the US House of Representatives.

All the affected companies, representatives of the US Government as well as different NGO's concerned over the state of human rights in China as well as elsewhere will be there. You can be certain that it will be an event that will be followed intensely and world-wide.

It will be live on the blog at 16:00 Central European Time and it will also be live on the web at the same time. You can get it through the linked page.

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