Monday, December 05, 2005

The Week Ahead

Back from the Ukraine and beginning another week. It's dark mornings in Stockholm at this time of the year.

But today I will stay here. Among other things, I'll speak to students at the University of Stockholm at the invitation of the Foreign Policy Association there. I guess we'll discuss where Europe is heading.

And tomorrow I'm off to Brussels to speak about research policy in Europe as well as a number of diverse meetings. From there I go over the day Wednesday to London for an event with Kreab, going back to Brussels late in the evening.

Thursday is the day of the Balkan Summit organized in Brussels by the Friends of Europe, and I'm leading the discussion on economic prospects of the region. Commissioner Olli Rehn as well as Montenegro Prime Minister Djukanovic is on my panel.

It should be an interesting day. Balkans is back on the Brussels agenda. And the issues ahead are not easy.

From there, late afternoon, I'm flying to the United States for a quick board meeting Friday. But then I'm back in Stockholm by lunchtime on Saturday.

Another interesting week.