Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sounds like Norway...

These are intense days on the Swedish domestic political scene. It's less than a year to the general election in September of next year, and the governing Social Democrats are having their congress in order to try to get their act together and improve their standing with the electorate.

So far, we have heard them promise 10 billion Swedish crowns in new public efforts to improve the care of the elderly. Nice, no doubt.

And just prior to the congress, we had the main centre-right opposition party, likely to lead the next government, promise 5 billion Swedish crowns in a major expansion of public pre-school childcare. Nice, no doubt.

It all reminds me of politics in Norway prior to their election. There was virtually nothing that wasn't promised.

But there is one crucial difference. They have oil - and we haven't.

We have taxes. And for what I hear there is a grave risk of us getting more of those...